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Photo: © maresystems GmbH

AR-enabled remote guidance: tomorrow’s support today

A ship’s crew is on its own when things go wrong – unless help is available remotely. The remote guidance service we offer allows a crew to obtain expert help fast – almost as if our technician was on board. This system-independent solution remotely turns crew members into maresystems experts – and all you need is a pair of augmented reality (AR) glasses, an adequate internet connection and observance of strict cybersecurity rules to deploy this remote guidance solution anywhere on board. It is an inexpensive, robust, ready-to-use solution that enables hands-free operations, radically reduces the number of in-person visits and lowers all our carbon footprint. Although we cannot assume any warranty for this service for insurance reasons, the benefits outweigh this slight drawback. To find out more contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..