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Discounts for Camos Automation Retrofit Solutions

Since the STEIN SOHN camos® automation systems are technically outdated we stopped supporting them. Single spare parts might still be available for some time but we strongly recommend switching to another, more modern system.

In this context, we would like to offer you a retrofit to our well-known and type-approved STEIN SOHN vista® automation system.

We provide all services that are necessary for the retrofit which will be pre-configured before delivery and installed during drydocking or voyage.

Some of the benefits of vista® compared to camos® are listed below:

  • Cost savings in operation, maintenance and repairs
  • Availability of parts guaranteed
  • Plug and Play parts can be replaced by crew
  • Remote access service is possible
  • Newest software (Citect SCADA 2018, Windows 10)
  • State-of-the-art computers

We offer special discounts for camos® retrofits and would be happy to provide further details concerning your retrofit solution via phone or email.

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