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Photo: © maresystems GmbH

Remote support – any time, any place

Imagine you’re hundreds of miles from land and your ship automation system breaks down. If it’s a vista® next system, you’ve no need to worry. Our remote support service is available any time, any place. This 24/7 desktop sharing solution enables remote analysis and troubleshooting by our service experts. That not only gives your crew direct access to our service engineers but also saves travel costs and time as well as CO2 emissions. That’s good for your carbon footprint – and ours.

For real-time screen sharing all you need is our desktop sharing tool consisting of a VPN router, software, a key switch to control the remote access, a secure, encrypted connection and two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorised access. We will train your personnel to use the tool, but once it’s set up, it really is easy to operate. The technical prerequisites are 4G WiFi or, even better, VSat. And by the way, you don’t need to worry about “big brother watching you”. Your crew only need to switch on the router when it’s really needed.

For technical issues in a machine room, for example, we recommend our augmented reality (AR) smart glasses to enable hands-free remote assistance, step-by-step workflow guidance, pick-by-vision, and anything else your crew will need to solve the problem. AR is the future of maritime field service and at maresystems you can profit from tomorrow’s world today.

Find out more about our remote support from one of our service engineers here.