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Integrated ship automation system

Our ship automation system vista® next brings you the key benefits right now. As a fully automated situation awareness solution, it will also ensure you stay fit for the future.

How you benefit from ship automation

  • Win-win-win: Reduce your lifetime costs, increase your vessel uptime and have your future demands supported by maresystems. Simply save money with our ship automation system vista® next.

  • Safe and simple: vista® next is a smart plug-and-play ship automation solution that is simple to use, not least due to its remote support functionality. It also enhances safety on board ship through the extension alarm system (XAS) for unattended machinery spaces (UMS).

  • All-in package: Reliable, comprehensive and scalable, our customised state-of-the-art ship automation system is available at short notice for all types and sizes of vessels.

  • Seamless integration: Ballast control, web-based on-board/onshore performance monitoring, conning display, CCTV, exhaust gas cleaning system/scrubber: when we say vista® next is seamlessly integratable, we really mean it.

  • Cutting-edge and future-ready: The latest communication technologies (e.g. AR support and remote desktop sharing), full integration of external systems, condition and performance monitoring – an indispensable SCADA system.

  • Personal support: Benefit from your own personal contact at maresystems and a direct line to our technical team for 24/7 support & service.

  • Fit for the future: Though we’re already state-of-the-art, we’re always working to make our vista® next ship automation system even better. In close collaboration with academics from Kiel University we’re currently researching, for example, into the high-potential field of maritime autonomous surface ships (MASS). Because continuous optimisation is in our DNA.

Intuitive user interface

  • Home screen

  • Main engine

  • Power management system

  • Ballast water treatment system

  • Heavy fuel oil (HFO) transfer

  • Low temperature (LT) cooling

  • Self monitoring overview

  • Process control station

  • Trend analysis

  • Electronic user manual

    Future-proof ship automation features

    Type approved by DNV GL and Lloyds’s Register, the vista® next ship automation system gives you state-of-the-art systems diagnostics, I/O hardware/controller, ground-fault and short-circuit monitoring as well as many more features that will enhance the situation awareness of your crews.

    The standard scope of delivery includes a 24" monitor (16:9), a data log for data analysis and trending and a paperless alarm printer. The operating system is Windows 10.

    For more information about the vista® next approvals download this PDF.

    For more details of the extended options available for vista® next click here.


    Digital contact input (DCI24 Plus)

    Extension alarm system (XAS)

    Interested in finding out more?

    Many well-known names trust us for their ship automation solutions. Click here to see who they are.

    If you'd like to know how you will benefit from installing the vista® next ship automation system, simply get in touch:

    • +49 431 200 875 0

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    For what types of vessels is the vista® next ship automation system suitable?

    vista® next is suitable for all types and sizes of naval, merchant marine and leisure vessels – in fact everything from containerships, general cargo ships, tankers, bulk carriers, crane ships and research or survey vessels to naval vessels and iconic megayachts.

    Is vista® next compatible with my existing ship systems?

    As an integrated ship automation solution, vista® next can be seamlessly integrated into other third-party ship systems, for example a performance monitoring or ballast water management system. This integrability applies both to any newbuild you are planning or a retrofit of an existing vessel. Our vista® next ship automation system always comes as a customised solution designed to meet your specific needs. And that includes the support we provide in integrating vista® next into your ship’s ecosystem.

    Is it possible to retrofit my vessel with a vista® next ship automation system?

    The simple answer is yes. Of course, we will have to discuss with you in detail the ins and outs of your specific vista® next solution, but as our ship automation system can be customised for all types and sizes of vessels, we can confidently say that retrofitting is always possible because of the system’s 100% integrability with existing ship systems. What’s more, you can be sure of our expert advice and support in the retrofitting process.

    What type approvals has the vista® next ship automation system got?

    The vista® next ship automation system has obtained type approvals from Lloyd’s Register and Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

    What references has maresystems got for its ship automation solution?

    More than 10,000 systems have been installed on all possible kinds and sizes of vessels. The clientele includes well-known national and international shipping lines all over the world. For more information about our references click here.

    How does maresystems guarantee the global availability of spare parts and service & support?

    We offer remote or on-site service to ships across the globe. The remote service & support is enabled by state-of-the-art augmented reality (AR) technology; the on-site service comes from our Sales & Service Partner Network, which is currently being extended to serve all the major shipping regions.

    What does AR support involve and how is it implemented?

    The future of marine field service is AR. We use Realwear HMT-1 AR smart glasses to enable hands-free remote assistance via a reliable, redundant communication solution based on 4G modems. These AR glasses can be used to give officers on the bridge extended vision or as a service tool for remote maintenance and guidance in the engine room or other machine rooms. There is also an ATEX-certified version for hazardous areas. Our high-performance AR support solution is available for all systems on board a ship. Besides the smart glasses, a 4G or VSat connection is a necessary requirement.

    Where is vista® next manufactured?

    This ship automation system has been engineered and manufactured in Germany, not least through many years of collaboration with our reliable suppliers. “Made in Germany” simply stands for highest quality standards.

    What can I expect from working with maresystems?

    Personalised client service and a direct line to our technical staff when you need assistance.
    At maresystems you don’t have to work your way through various levels of client support to get what you need. One phone call or e-mail is all it takes to profit from our personalised high-performance service. This ease of access is complemented by an innovative product and service offering characterised by reliability, fairness, honesty, transparency, teamwork, and close collaboration with each client. Last but far from least, our very name commits us to sustainable development. As “mare”, the Latin word for sea, stands for what is by far the largest eco-system on our planet, sustainability is written into our DNA and in practice that means we are working to reduce maritime pollution.

    What will ship automation with vista® next cost me?

    As each vista® next ship automation system is tailored to your specific requirements, it is impossible to say exactly how much it will cost. However, if you get in touch with us by mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or phone (+49 4321 602 5314), we will be delighted to give you some idea of what your customised ship automation solution may well cost.